Anxiety (ANX) – Percentile Score: 5
Attitude (ATT) – Percentile Score: 1
Concentration (CON) – Percentile Score: 1
Information Processing (INP) – Percentile Score: 20
Motivation (MOT) – Percentile Score: 35
Self-Testing (SFT) – Percentile Score: 15
Selecting Main Ideas (SMI) – Percentile Score: 1
Study Aids (STA) – Percentile Score: 5
Time Management (TMT) – Percentile Score: 10
Test Strategies (TST) – Percentile Score: 1

Well these are my results and I have to say I’m very shocked. I knew I had to work on some things but I had no idea that I would have to work at all 10 categories! I knew my motivation would be the highest because I don’t like school and the only reason I’m really in university is so I can get a good job. There is no way I will be working at a minimum wage job for the rest of my life. So my motivation is what is keeping me going, without it I would not be here.


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