1. Im not completely sure how to write a good outline. Can you help me?
2. I find when i’m writing an essay, in my supporting sentences I repeat myself a lot. How can I fix this?

The things I have trouble the most with my writing is that I think to hard about it. And because I think too hard about it, I am usually late passing it in because I get too stressed out about it and frustrated and I usually do it later when I am not so frustrated with it. I also repeat a lot of my sentences and kind of change them around to look a little different. I also have trouble with coming up with good supporting ideas. I also find I really suck at editing my own essays, because I think they are perfect when they actually are not and they really need a good editing. Some ways to overcome some of these troubles I have is to get someone who is really good at editing essays, someone like a professor or someone in my family that way it can really become perfect. Another thing I can do is to get help with some ideas about it so I do not get so mad about it and that way I can actually pass it in on time and not loose any marks for being late. For me to come up with better supporting ideas is to do more research on the topic I am writing my essay on that way I do not have to repeat myself so much. If I do most of these things to help make my writing better then I think I can eventually write something good.


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